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  1. Thankyou Anil, for such a wonderful tribute to her. Many of us miss her on a daily basis, and this is a wonderful space to come to when we think of her.

    I truly appreciate the effort that’s gone into collecting all the material and trying to put it all together. One small suggestion, if I may add – either a linkup to the FB page, or make a discussion forum here, where discussions on topics of her interests and the discussion thread can be followed. This will allow her thoughts to grow, discussed and debated. This will be a significant contribution to the gender/caste studies movement. I am sure that you must have already checked the viability of having such a forum, but just my two pennies worth.

    Take care, Janaki

  2. Janaki,

    Thanks a lot for your comments. Linkup to FB page would be done ….Forum is a great idea. May be if the overall response to this facility remains substantial then we can think of it …


  3. Dear Anil,

    Good presentation of Sharmila’s work. But some things are missing like we together wrote on Iravati Karve, her writings in Marathi are missing and her street play writing or many other collective efforts need to be compiled. Anyway we are all still coming to terms with her absence. Lots of love, to you and Sharmila.


    • Vidyut Ji,

      Thanks for pointing out missing things – that is the very idea of this guestbook! Please send me more details of the articles/publications that you are mentioning and we could get them in. If you have the printed copy, I could have that scanned ….


  4. It must admit that the website has provided a great source of information. In fact, it has been a great tribute to Sharmila Rege that her most of the writings made available together at one source. It has been expected that Rege’s other writings including Marathi also make available on this website.

    • Kiran,
      Great to know that you found it useful. It does include most of Sharmila’s writings, a very few remain. Most of her Marathi work is in too. Is there any specific articles/publication that you are referring to? Please do let me know.

  5. Dear Anil,

    This site is homage to Sharmila and also to her work. Just a suggestion – a list of WSC publications which Sharmila authored, co authored and student publications which she edited would also be really useful.


  6. Dear Anil,
    unfortunately I started reading feminist literature too late (just few weeks back), its best thing that I came across Sharmila’s literature first, its great platform that you have built for all of us. thanks a ton for that. And now I decided to go through her all scholarly works… thank you once again..!!

  7. Thank You! A friend and I were thinking of coming to the university to look at her manuals but we found more than substance in her words to ponder over. Glad you made such an effort.

  8. Dear Sir,

    Could we trace if any of her students have voice recordings of her lectures? It would add to the treasure of knowledge here.


  9. It is a great effort and nice to read everything at one place.

    I remembered there is an article about Dr. Sharmila by Prof. Pratima Pardeshi in Loksatta.

  10. Dear Friend,

    Thanks for putting all of Sharmila’s work together.

    i am a delhi based documentary filmmaker and
    am interested in downloading a copy of the book
    I can open the pdf online but i am unable to download.
    can you pls help ?


  11. Still cannot digest that we have lost you. This is great loss, of many diverse and unprecedented perspectives and comprehensions. As a beginner in academia your readings have helped me immensely. Love and peace.

  12. I’ve read the pdf posted on this site for Isn’t This Plate Indian?: Dalit Histories and Memories of Food. It’s a really superb study, and I’d very much like to get access to the rest of the text. How can I do so?

  13. Dear Sir,
    I want to buy the books that have been mentioned on this site. And I came to know about a manual too- “Building the Bridges” by Sharmila Rege. I want to buy that too. How can do this, Sir? Please help.

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