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For a long while, there is nothing new published on this website, yet I am sure it continues to be relevant to many. 

I apologize for not responding to some of the queries and comments that this site received. There were some queries related to the students works published under Edited Works that how can one access the full books. These are published by Women’s Studies Centre, University of Pune. Please connect with the department, their details are on University of Pune website

However, one of such demanded book is not published with full text. Thanks to Women’s Studies Centre, University of Pune, who has cordially permitted to publish it on this website.

Isn’t This Plate Indian?: Dalit Histories and Memories of Food/ही थाली भारतीय नाही का?: अन्नाविश्यक दलित आठवणी आणि इतिहास
To download the PDF, you may visit the page – Edited Works 


Anil Saini | 13 July 2020


Dear Friends,

Two years back; on the same day, this website was launched. I am sure it has benefited you. Please leave your comments in Guestbook and do let us know that what else should be added in this website.

Sharmila’s article “Education as Trutiya Ratna: Towards Phule-Ambedkarite Feminist Pedagogical Practice” is published again in the book edited by Uma Chakravarti, “Thinking Gender, Doing Gender: Feminist Scholarship and Practice Today”.
Uma Chakravarti and the contributors to this book have dedicated the book to 

Visit Papers page for more details! 

Anil Saini

13 July 2016

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This website is an attempt to create a single place that has all the possible information about Sharmila’s academic work; her published articles, information about her books and work that she guided and edited. Also, videos of her public talks.

Hopefully, it will be a place that will find its use in academic world; among students and fellow researchers.

You are most welcome to leave comments/suggestions using Guestbook; to let us know what more you would want from this site.

Anil Saini
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